Kara Mac's Every Day Make Up Look

Kara Mac's Every Day Make Up Look

Hi Loves!

Today I am sharing my go-to make up routine. This is the look I throw on before running out the door or in a rush in between client appointments. This speedy routine is perfect for all my multitasking girl bosses who just need the perfect routine for their on the go lifestyle. This is also great for someone who needs a beauty routine that just works!
Quick, easy and stay all day is my mantra when it comes to glam!

First I apply my foundation Guerlain L'Essentiel in the shade 35N using the Guerlain L'Essentiel Retractable Foundation Brush. The Guerlain L'Essential is my favorite everyday foundation right now. It's a CLEAN - vegan, paraben free formula. It's clean ingredients allow the skin to breathe but also has buildable coverage... life altering right?

I chose to splurge and buy the Guerlain brush too and I promise you it really makes a difference. It was made to apply the product perfectly. The bristles on the brush are made from bamboo and charcoal so it keeps germs and bacteria from clinging to the brush brush.

Next I apply concealer using my fingers and then blend out using my foundation brush. I use this technique when I'm on the go and only have a few brushes in my make up bag. Especially because I don't have long nails right now this is easy for me (RIP to my long nails). A little trick with this is using your ring finger to apply the concealer because your ring finger is the 'weakest' and will apply the least amount of pressure in the eye area. Also the natural heat from your finger will help blend out the product before even going in with your brush. Before I apply the concealer to my under-eye I blend it on the top of my hand with my finger tip. This will warm up the product and make it creamier and therefore easier to blend!
The specific concealer I'm using right now is Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage in shade light natural. I love this concealer because it lasts all day without creasing and has anti aging properties that doubles as an eye cream for the day. So it serves as a super efficient two in one product! Which I love.

To set my under eye area and my entire face I use RCMA no color powder. It's just my staple powder that I can put on and re apply throughout the day without making my skin appear dry or cakey. It's buildable too which is great so when I have a 16 hour work day and start to get oily AF I just brush a little bit of powder all over to get rid of an excessive shininess.

Even when I'm rushed or on the go, I found an easy way  to do a quick contour with quality products that last all day. I have alway struggled with crazy, cystic acne and breakouts along my cheek bone area. I finally narrowed it down to the bronzer and contour products I was using. Just recently I FINALLY found quality, vegan products that don't cause me any breakouts. Right now I am loving the Westman Atelier face trace contour stick in the shade biscuit. This is another vegan product that is super creamy but also doesn't interfere with any of my other makeup. I'm not going to lie this brand is a bit pricey but worth EVERY penny. From the packaging to the actual quality of the product- it's top of the line and doesn't make me breakout. I just smudge a small amount of the product on my cheek bones, forehead/hairline and down the sides of my nose. Then I blend with my foundation brush which is the Morphe 439 brush. This is a super easy way to contour on the go especially with products as simple to use as this.
For the little bit of extra bronze I go in with the Westman Atelier beauty butter powder bronzer. This again is the BEST vegan powder bronzer I have ever used or tried. The thing with vegan products is that sometimes the pigment is lacking or it separates on my skin through the day. Not this bronzer. The pigment is so incredible and it stays all day. 

For my brows I use my girl Steph DeSantis' products. She is the OG brow queen! I own every single product she has and love them. If I'm in a big rush I just throw on her eyebrow ink gel and I am good to go! When I have more time on my hands I fill in my brows using her precision pencil and then use her brow highlighter in the shade champagne beige for the perfect under brow highlight.

Personally I am not a big eyeshadow girl, I usually find myself leaving my lids blank just with a little of my concealer and RCMA powder on them but if I have a long day and have to go out right after work or have a dinner to go to I'll spice it up with some natural eyeshadow. My favorite palette right now is Charlotte Tibury pillow talk luxury palette. Charlotte Tilbury can be a little pricey but her product quality is just too good. This specific palette has four shimmery shades that are so perfect from day until night. I'll take a little bit on my finger tip and just dab it on my eyelid. If I am going out at night I will take a little bit on an eyeshadow brush and dust it under my water line to create a light smokey look in replacement of eyeliner.

I finish off my look with a Charolette tilbury lip trio- her liner lipstick and gloss in the shade pillow talk! When I'm on the go I love to just throw the gloss on and that's all I need.

I hope you love this routine and find some of these products to work for you! I'm constantly changing up my routine and the products I use but this is my favorite glam at the moment.

Please check out my video below on this look and see how I apply and use these products! 
Kara Mac