Spray Tanning Services


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Mobile Spray Tan

At the location of your choosing; home, work, etc.
Starting at $95 plus tax in CT
Starting at $150 plus tax in Greenwich/Rye, NY
Starting at $175 plus tax in NYC/NJ
[please book this specific option by email kmaxtanning@gmail.com ]

PH Balancing Prep Spray + Fast Developing Spray Tan + Moisture Treatment
(Kara Mac's #1 Spray Tan)

The PH balancing spray is applied pre-tan. This prep spray will balance the PH in your skin, ensuring that your tan will apply evenly. The fast developing spray tan, applied after the prep spray, is the longest lasting tan offered. The moisture treatment, which is applied post spray tan, gives your skin a huge boost of moisture. It also provides your skin with anti-aging, firming properties. This will help to lock in your tan, acting as a tan extender and leaving your skin glowing.

Custom Spray Tan

Your service will include a basic spray tan which will be customized for you based on your skin type and your desired result! This tan will take approximately 8-12 hours to develop before being able to shower, but Kara recommends letting it sit for 24 hours to achieve the maximum results.

Custom Spray Tan + Moisture Treatment

Give your skin a big drink of water with this post tan moisture treatment. This treatment will be applied post spray tan. It helps lock in your color while optimizing it for the darkest and long lasting result!

Fast Developing Spray Tan

This fast developing solution lets you shower after just 1 hour, rather than waiting the typical 8-12 hours for regular spray tan solution to develop. For best results, Kara recommends letting this tan sit for approximately 3.5-4 hours! After showering, you will notice quite a bit of the bronzer rinses off. Don't worry! With the fast developing solution, after showering, your tan will continue to develop and oxidize for approximately 24 hours. This will add 3-5 days onto the life of your tan!

PH Balancing Prep Spray + Custom Spray Tan + Moisture Treatment

Help your custom tan last longer with PH preparation of the skin and sealing it off with a moisture treatment!

Fast Developing Spray Tan + Moisture Treatment

With the long lasting results of the fast developing tan, paired with the moisture treatment that has proven to moisturize the skin and extend the life of your tan, your skin will be glowing and bronzed for a minimum of 8-12 days!

Competition Spray Tan 

Getting ready to compete in a fitness/body building competition? Kara's competition tan will ensure to showcase the body's natural contours and muscle tone perfectly. For an even, dark brown tan, this package includes custom full body contour, 3 full body spray tans prior to the competition using Kara dark competition formula, along with the application of a PH balancing preparation spray prior to each tan. Please inquire to schedule your appointments!
Starting At $85.00

Tan Add ons

Pre-Tan Exfoliating Mit

Coming from the gym? No time to shower and exfoliate at home? Then the pre tan exfoliating mit is the perfect option! This pre-soaked mit will help you exfoliate, removing all of the dead skin and residue off of your skin prior to your tan! The mit is pre soaked and will also help balance the PH levels in your skin, ensuring for a even, long lasting tan.


Need that extra boost of confidence? Kara has created her own special technique of contouring the face/body during a session. She can contour legs, arms, stomach, chest, but, collarbones, cheekbones, etc.
Starting at $5.00 per area

Individual Area/Touch Up Tan

Perfect for those who have back to back events, or just want a quick refresh on their tan! Also a great option for those who prefer to just spray their face, legs, etc.
Starting at $15.00

Questions about our Spray Tanning Services?
Check out our Spray Tanning FAQ page, where Kara answers all of your spray tanning concerns!